The Company

512 Visuals was founded in 2015 by Julian Guevara and Andy Pham, two young passionate young film makers with an eye for business. We are a team of hard working creatives with a passion to create the best film.

Andy Pham – Partner



Andy Pham is a third year marketing student at The University of Texas at Austin. His passion for film began in high school film class where he created amateur martial art short films with his friends. While in college, he used his production skills as a media director for the Asian Business Students Association, an award-winning professional organization at UT.

Julian Guevara – Partner


Julian Guevara is a young and upcoming film maker. He has been making films for over 5 years. His unique striking cinematography style sets him apart as a rising artist. Julian is currently working on a screenplay for a feature-length film.

Jacob León – Producer


Jacob León is cinematographer and music producer as well as a full time third year film student at The University of Texas at Austin. With over 7 years dedicated film study and 14 years producing and performing music for garage bands, full orchestras, and anything in between, he is the best choice if you need to get the job done.

Roberto – Director of Audio Design

Bio under construction